Friday news; more DotA 2 for you…

GEST challenge, G-1 news and Zenith dominate!

The challenge is due to kick off tomorrow, earlier than planned due to heavy scheduling over the next few weeks! What better match to get us started than . vs ! The game will begin tomorrow at 12:00 CET on the BeyondTheSummit Twitch TV channel! The other teams involved are and Vici Gaming so who knows, it is likely we will see a NeoES.Orange vs derby match sometime soon! To check out the original announcement; follow this link!

The G-1 Champions League brackets for the qualifier are now available. Out of all the applicants, 32 were selected and it is sure to be one hell of an event! With teams from all over , from to the , it really is a to grab the attention of everyone supporting 2. It seems this game can do no wrong at the moment. The brackets and a full list of teams competing can be found here.  The qualifiers kick of tomorrow!

Finally, were on fire in the DotaTalk league. Without losing a game they cruised past For.Love and . before beating the Thai team .Trust2 in the final. The DotA 2 scene in Asia is so strong it seems we are getting a different winner for each tournament which is great! walked away with the top prize of 5 Steelseries Siberia headsets. MiTH.Trust2 came in second and NeoES.Orange managed to take the third spot after defeating Neolution.International. The original news can be seen over on DotaTalk.

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