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An interview with the [-YY-] of Reality.Galz

Reality.Galz is an all female / team in Thailand. With good achievements and records from their past tournaments they have become one of the most famous all female gaming teams in Thailand. Today, we welcome Ms. of Reality Galz who has agreed to share a few words.

Hello, can you introduce yourself to our beloved readers?

– I’m Watusiri Tevavichulada also known as  of Reality Galz. I’m 23 years old, I have been playing Dota since I turned 18. Now I can’t play any other MOBA games because I’m addicted to Dota 2! I’m finished with my studies and I’m now working as an auditor in a company.

[-YY-] of Reality.Galz

What ignited your passion for DotA and DotA 2?
– I love the balance of gameplay in the games and I have been playing Dota for a long time now.

In your opinion what is the difference between Dota and Dota 2 in game?
– It seems Dota 2 is more organized ingame than original Dota. There are no map hacks and an efficient support system for players is in place. The more interesting in game is the shop system which you can set a hotkey for and a quick buy menu to buy your item(s) quickly before you die is available which is very useful..

How did your involvement in the Dota 2 scene start?
– It began when my friends and I talked and wanted to prove that a girl can play just as good as a man. I want everyone, not only the girl gamers to play. I don’t care if they are pretty or not. But their skills, decision ingame and their performance must be good and nowadays its only the first step for us. It is only middle class male teams we can win at the moment. I started playing competitive match around 2 years ago.

Reality.Galz meeting with TGPL’s staff

What was your previous team before Reality.Galz?
– My team before Reality.Galz was Neolution Esport. Now my team consists of ex-famous female Dota players here in Thailand. Together with Nina our captain and awajaren from the MiTH.Girl, Orange and I came from Neolution then MY is an ex Tt Esport Girl. We have the same target that I mentioned earlier so we built new team starting all over again.

Do you have any rivalries with other teams in Thailand?
– No, we don’t because the other girls team here in Thailand is inactive.

What is your role within the team and the usual hero you use in Dota 2 matchmaking and tournaments?
– In tournaments, I play as a semicarry in my team and my usual hero is Lifestealer or Chaos Knight because that’s my captain picks for me *laughs*. While in Matchmaking, I usually pick Gyrocopter because I like the way he flies.

What do you prefer most? Having a practice game with boys or girls and Why?
– If I will choose, I like to play with my girls team. Because practicing together means that we will understand what we should do in game and this will make our team stronger.

What is the most unforgettable match that you’ve ever encountered together with your team?
– In public match I have encountered a 90mins game, we try to defend and we win in that fight. In tournaments, we’ve encountered a tough team but I cannot remember their team name. But as I remember we are the 4th placer in the Qualifier Round of ACG Finals where the match was held in Thailand.

Who is your favorite Thailand Dota/Dota 2 player(s)?
– Intreso. Intreso’s style is aggressive and he can play various types of roles in a team. In international scene, I would prefer Ferrari.430 of Invictus Gaming because he is so good, but if you ask me a question of who I would choose out of Dendi or Ferrari.430, I would choose Ferrari.430.

Can you give us a few tips on how you play Dota/Dota 2?
– Play more, watch more.. don’t just speak and blame others when you lose or have done any failures.. not only you will be a good player but also you can help eSport more to be accepted. Which is a goal that we all strive for.

Except Dota/Dota 2? What are your hobbies?
– I always watch football, I am a big fan of Manchester United.

This is the question that all guys are waiting for.. Do you have a boyfriend?
– No I do not have a boyfriend. maybe because I’m busy, always playing games. *laughs*

Any shoutouts or greetings?
– Thanks to BattleAsia for this great interview. Also to our fans, friends and families, thanks for the support. 

[-YY-] with TGPL staff

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