Interview with BBGs: ‘We hope to be the largest girl team in Thailand and we want to beat a famous male team!’

Exclusive interview with the all girl HON team Bubble GuMs by playinter!

: Can you introduce yourself and tell me your roles within Bubble Gums

Bubble GuMs by Playinter: I’m Bun. 20 year of ages. ID : , my role is all around

I’m MoOkiez. 23 year of ages. Garena ID : MoOkiezz, my role is full carry and all around

Our captian is . Now she’s [GMTH]FAHSAI of Garena . She’s 23 years old. Her role is  solo-side and mid

Next is Lukmai. ID : alace . Her role in BBG is supporter and ganker (23 years).

Fifth, Maymae. ID : jollybear` – solo-side and hard carry (18 years).

Lastly, Poorin. ID : PooRirin – full support (20 years).


alace, GOTHMother, PooRirin, H00K, MoOkiez

BattleAsia: Nice, how long have you been playing together as a team?

Bubble GuMs by Playinter: We have known each other for about 2 years in old team, but we have only been playing as a team about 8 months


BattleAsia: Cool 🙂 how would you rate the Thai scene, is it cool to play games in Thailand ?

Bubble GuMs by Playinter: That is a difficult question! Yes it is popular to play games in Thailand! Many MOBA games are growing in Thailand especially . We know that the highest population of players are based in Thailand. I think playing games in Thailand is cool; this is because many players in Thailand are starting at least 8 years old and many people put all their soul into games. You may find good players and friends here.


BattleAsia: Wow nice answer thank you! Your English isn’t so bad! Where do you train together and how often?

Bubble GuMs by Playinter: Thanks! Garena Thailand supports us, they have a private training room for us. The training room is on the 42nd floor of the Cyberworld Building. Even when we are not training there, we still practice our skill at home or everywhere we can. We almost always train together from about 7pm till midnight. In Thailand, It’s summer now, so we have a lot of time to train.


BattleAsia: So you are getting good :), are there many all-female teams in Thailand ?

Bubble GuMs by Playinter: When BBGs was established in 2012, we were the first all-girls HON team in Thailand. After that (till now), I can count about 7 teams all-girls HON. We are number one haha!


MoOkiez from team BBGs

BattleAsia: So it is very much developing but interest in HoN by females is big.

Bubble GuMs by Playinter: Yes i think so, but almost of their team are just all team girls for Midwars racing. We are a team that race for Normal Mode


BattleAsia: That’s good, do you receive any negative comments from men like ‘girls cannot play game’ or are most people supportive?

Bubble GuMs by Playinter: We have heard negative comments from men sometimes. They may say that “this’s not a game for girls” when hearing it, we just keep quiet and play. We need to show them that girl powers are not poorer than men. And yes we can prove it. Finally, they will accept us. I believe that many girls can play this game better than men.

On the other hands, many communities support us. We have many partners. Not only girl teams (such as GirlaxySG clanHeraPH), but also male teams in Thailand.


alace, apparently she likes to eat a lot of food!

BattleAsia: Nice fight for !

Bubble GuMs by Playinter: (chuckle)


BattleAsia: So what is this star league event at the end of the month all about and what will your role be in it?!

Bubble GuMs by Playinter: Garena Star League is an event about HON and PB. Many players in including Europe will come to join such as ORGE, , Trademark and Impunity. I can say this is a big HON event!

Our roles in GSL is showing match with HON girl team Singapore. It’s our first time to play normal mode with all girl same. So  we are excited and can’t wait the coming up show match.


BattleAsia: Wow so it’s going to be a big event then! Should be nice! Do you think that you will beat Girlaxy? Have you played with them before ?

Bubble GuMs by Playinter: We’re not totally sure! We have never scrim with them before. I’ve asked them to, but when we’re ready, they are not. And when they’re ready, we’re not. It is funny!


BattleAsia: Haha might be good to keep your tactics secret :)! Should be a good event I want to see some photos and it’s a shame I can’t come! What do you girls like to do in your spare time apart from gaming?!

Bubble GuMs by Playinter: Actually, we have no secrets about tactics haha!

H00K  likes to study and work at the same time

GOTHMother likes to study, listening to music and still playing HON :D.

Alace likes to find different things to eat. She likes to drag us to find something to eat with her so we all become fat haha!

jollybear`  likes to study and often plays together with GOTHMother.

MoOkiez  works a lot!

PooRirin likes to go shopping and also works.


GOTHMother at eSport Stadium, she tells me it’s her second home!

BattleAsia: But food is so good in Thailand! I’m surprised everybody is not fat!

Bubble GuMs by Playinter: Most girls in Thailand are always on a diet because they think they’re fat


BattleAsia: Where do you see your team in the future? Do you have plans for world domination or any clear aims?

Bubble GuMs by Playinter: We promised together that we’ll do the best we can. Our definition is “we’re not the best, but we play the best we can.”

We hope to be the largest girl team in Thailand and we want to beat a big or famous male team (we like to dream)!


BattleAsia: It is good that you are trying to do the best that you can, always a good way to live! Do you think it is more difficult for a girl to get into gaming than a man?

Bubble GuMs by Playinter: I think it’s hard to find a girl who loves playing games the same as us. This is because many girls in our generation love shopping and spending time on social network including many apps.


BattleAsia: So true :). What do your family and friends think of your passion for gaming? Are they supportive or do they think that you are wasting your time?

GOTHMother : I have told my family that I won a medal in racing. They congratulate me and ask which subject i got it in. I told them it was in a game. They changed their faces like they are not proud of me. Anyway, I try to prove them that i can do well in study and game. I want them to accept us gamers.

Friends think that I’m a game addict. They think I waste a lot of time in game. I show them that I can win many racing and got many rewards. Now, they are proud of me.

H00K: My parents always take side with me, as long as I can manage time in study , work and playing.

h00k, the captain of BBGs

BattleAsia: Do you have any plans for the near future tournament wise or are you just training hard and playing wherever possible?

Bubble GuMs by Playinter: We’re planning to join the Rookie cup tournament, maybe when we’re training more than we are now.


BattleAsia: What advice would you give to a girl who is serious about trying to get into gaming?

Bubble GuMs by Playinter: you mean a girl who wants to play games right?

BattleAsia: yeah

Bubble GuMs by Playinter: To a girl who wants to get into gaming. First thing, you have to open your mind and accept that a game is not that bad.  Everything has two sides and it depends on what you choose to see. BBGs are a girl community completely. If you want to play Hon, come to join our clan. We will grow and improve your skill together. 🙂

BattleAsia: Nice answer :), finally, do you have any shoutouts?

Bubble GuMs by Playinter: Just our slogan! We are not the best, but we play the best we can!

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