TnC Gaming: ‘We dream of being invited to The International!

BattleAsia managed to grab an interview with the Filipino DotA 2 team, TnC gaming!

We managed to get a few words with the 2 team from the , a relatively new team formed with the new lineup two week ago! However they have shown some good results. We asked them about the 2 scene and here are the answers we got!


Hello ! Firstly can you introduce yourselves to the team and what roles you play in the team?
Von Kristoffer “BonjourLei” Udarbe   – Team captain of TNC gaming, anyrole (former Team Fultilt)
Adrian “Tushey/Tushi”  Edelo –  Support ( Former Team Fultilt )
Aeron “vandolph*” Sta. Ana – Support ( Former Team Fultilt )
PJ “No Fear”  Bondal – anyrole ( Former Team Execration,,UGZ )
Angelo “Elesihihi” Docosin – anyrole ( Former Team execration, msi )


How long have you been together as a team?

As of now we are 2 weeks together because we just change our team roster


Von Kristoffer ‘BonjourLei’ Udarbe – Captain of TnC team

 Do you have any big rivalries with other teams in the Philippines? Is there a team that you just find it really difficult to play against or any memorable matches?
We don’t have any major team in particular who are our rivals because all of the teams here in the Philippines face each other so often. The most memorable team we’ve encountered is the Censored Blaque


What are your plans for the near future? Are you training for any big competitions in particular?
In the 2 weeks that we are together, we’re spending most of our time in training. We stay in TNC Headquarters to practice more. For now we are focus on and other tournaments with the aim of showing a good result in the near future!


How widely accepted is in the Philippines? Do your friends and families think it is acceptable for you to spend so long on computers gaming?
As of now it is big here! However it is not bigger than some other countries. The Dota 2 community here in the Philippines is growing quickly and is bigger than it has ever been. With regards to all of our friends and families, they accept us for having this opportunity. They keep on supporting us on what we want to what we do which is good.


Philippines teams seem to have a strong DotA 2 scene but they are failing on the big stage, I noticed that all the Pinoy teams went out of the G-1 qualifiers relatively early, why do you think this is?

I think all teams is adjusting for some big tournaments. International teams are really strong, that’s why all teams here in will train more harder and will change their rosters for the adjustment of a team. Maybe in a few months teams might grab the championship in a big international of Dota 2.


Aeron ‘vandolph’ Sta Ana – support of TnC DotA 2 team.

What gives you the inspiration to train so much for DotA 2? Would you like to be the undisputed best team in the Philippines?
We have a goal and also there’s no team that doesn’t dream to be invited to The International that’s why we are really focused to practice every day, we are not the undisputed or best team here in the Philippines because all of the team here in PH is tough and good but all teams here strive to be a #1 team in their own country and this makes the competition very fierce and drives DotA 2 to a higher level.


Thanks for answering these questions, it has been fun! Any shoutouts?
Hi to all my NV Friends and to Kux, Fox, Cholo, Myrone, Yora, Ace, Emong, Kheendra, SEL, Chekwa. To the girlfriend of Von (Ms. Lei Barbii), Team Pink Panties, Team NSK, our sister team .TnC, G-Spot Computer Shop also to our Boss Eric and Boss Emer of TheNet.Com because of their continuous support and also all of the people or esports fan who support all teams in Dota 2 here in the Philippines.

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