Friday news… GEST, GosuCup, G1-League updates!

All the eSports news for Southeast Asia.

March Playoffs

The groupstage of the GEST event is over and the playoffs remain. The brackets have been released and the event will be taking place over the next few days. With , . and Chains Stack still in the event. Everything is to play for and the $1,500 prize is a great incentive. Games can be watched on the BeyondTheSummit channel. The brackets are below!

returns Saturday

The is back for another edition. The with a prizepool of $1,000 is open to everyone and has seen sign ups such as , First Departure and so it is sure to showcase all the best action from the region. For a full coverage of the event, click this link!

-League qualifying latest

The latest game to take place saw the Chinese team Rattlesnake take on NeoES.Orange. The Chinese team proved just too strong for the popular team from . Rattlesnake were quick to be on the toes of NeoES.Orange and did not give them any space during the matches and took the series 2-0. Tomorrow sees vs . The games can be seen on the BeyondTheSummit stream. For a description of the games between Rattlesnake and NeoES.Orange click here.



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