MUFC.WinteR: ‘I am just a normal guy like everyone else!’

Interview with MUFC.WinteR about the new lineup and recent performances!

Chan ‘WinteR’ Litt Bin was the captain of ABC before the team were picked up by after a successful win at the Armageddon in Singapore. WinteR also casts on BeyondTheSummitTV with or . The player spends his time streaming when he doesn’t have matches and occasionally teaches his viewers some tips. I caught up with him to ask his views on a variety of topics.


Hello WinteR and thank you for taking the time to speak with us. We hope to learn more about the real WinteR.

Who is WinteR when he is not playing ?

Without DotA, I am not winter, just Chan Litt-Binn. I am just a normal guy like everyone else. I play a lot at the moment but still have the time see my friends, family and my girlfriend.

You recently started casting with BeyondTheSummit. How did it happen? Are you planning to cast more, or is it just a hobby?

I started because Godz came to my house to stay for with N9. I was talking to him and I just asked if I could try to cast sometime and he said sure! It is just a hobby though and will be done when I am free I will do it playing is my priority.

After leaving , you started ABC. What was the idea behind it, and how did you get together with the other players?

The players knew each other before already, so there wasn’t much issue with that, we just needed to be able to work with each other in the game and focus on our teamwork. ABC was for trialling players and it was a great success. ABC was always certain to become MUFC. We only wanted to announce it after our players were confirmed.

Tell us about the MUFC deal. How did it all come together?

I have worked with MUFC before. Since they disbanded recently, Jerry, the owner of MUFC had approached me to ask me if I was interested to build a team in my old home again. I was very excited as I enjoyed my previous stay at MUFC, and wanted to look towards the future! Through my friendship with Jerry we got talking about creating the new team and this is how it all came together.

This is not your first time with MUFC. What is your best memory with MUFC?

The WDC tournament in 2010. This was lots of fun and we showed a good result!

In a blink of an eye you have won 3 tournaments under ABC who are now MUFC. How did you guys train as a team to gel up as one?

We hardly train! We mainly just play tournaments and take it as training. We can only start training as a unit next months onwards due to some personal reasons and now we have secured a new sponsor we have a training house. Hopefully this means we can secure more great results soon!

Last but not least, do you have any shoutouts?

Thanks to all those fans that enjoyed my casting and those who supported me no matter which team I am in. I appreciate all of it, without them I will not be where I am today. Thanks to Jerry (CEO of MUFC), Invasion and Armageddon for sponsors.

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