Wednesday brings Bristleback into DotA 2!

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is added to

Bristleback has been added to the test client of 2 which brings one of the more popular heroes from original back up to date! The heroes with graphics that make him look like a super saiyan is sure to be popular! The test client also introduces new rules on pauses to prevent the use of pauses for tactical play. All of the new changes can be seen here!

Vici Gaming roster update

The Chinese team, Vici Gaming is seeing movement from it’s roster. The player Jun Jie ‘sydm’ Tong has been replaced by Jian ‘ZSMJ’ Gong. ZSMJ will be taking up the carry role for Vici Gaming. The team who have been boot camping hard are sure to become a formidable enemy to any DotA 2 team! Source: SGamer (Chinese).

Pubwatch features Winter and Meracle

The latest edition of pubwatch features the captain of , WinteR and the player from First Departure, Meracle. Check out the lengthy video below!

Qualifier latest

Yesterday saw games between .cn and .int in the G1 qualifier, The Chinese team managed to overcome their team members 2:1 and take the victory. The matches were pretty close and took extreme focus with slow openings. A round up of the matches can be seen here! Today has seen in action vs Chains Stack, will be interesting to see what happens! Games can be seen on the BeyondTheSummit channel.

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