Bristleback reborn for DotA 2

The boar is the latest rumored hero to feature in the upcoming patch.

, a real-time strategy game that is more modified in visual and graphical content than it’s predecessor DotA. Even though not all heroes from DotA are in at the moment, is committed to updating heroes weekly or monthly constantly giving the players new content and ways to play the game. The last was Slark who has been causing a nuisance in public match ups across the globe!

The next hero rumored to be joining the DotA 2 lineup is , this strength hero with his nasal goo spell is sure to prove popular with his ability to spray the enemies in snot and help the team grab some kills with this slowing effect. should also prove tank enough to ensure that he doesn’t end up as fried wild boar for the enemy team to enjoy. Expect to see being flamed in pro and public matches soon enough!

The current has brought us changing some of the visual images for the hero. DotA 2 has released its last November 28, 2012 and with this the visual appearance on the minimap, avatar and body have been changed, take a look at the pictures below and let us know whether you think it looks more frightening than the previous model.


“Broodmother’s New Minimap Face”

“Broodmother’s New Avatar”

“Broodmother’s New Body”


Dota 2 has also added a sound and visual effects for the Hand of Midas item which is popular in increasing attack speed.

“Hand of Midas New Visual Effects”

Valve have also changed a hero row which now shows a match history filtered of heroes. Greevil Egg contents are now displayed in the Steam trading function also.

Other game play features which have been added and tinkered with this latest patch are as follows below;

Some of the Pseudo random chances are now enabled in the following abilities:

  1. Coup de Grace
  2. Slardar’s Bash
  3. Time Lock
  4. Drunken Brawler’s Crit
  5. Headset
  6. Blade Dance
  7. Chaos Knight’s Crit
  8. Lycan’s Crit
  9. Skeleton’s Crit
DotA 2 Bots new features:
  1. Lich used by Bots will no longer use Dark Ritual in allied creeps.
  2. Bots to never try to avoid linear projectiles was fixed.
  3. Bots will now try to avoid illuminate.
  4. Bots will not buy invisibility-detection for the enemies that possess invisibility.
  5. Lich used by Bots will never stops putting Frost Armor when attacking or retreating.
  6. Bots can now break the Life Drains and Mana Drains spell by getting a distance out of it.
  7. Bots will no longer pick up droppable items if it would require them to drop an item.
  8. For the new players the Coop bot difficulty is now automatically turn in Easy.

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