Rally – Ready to Give out Physical Damage

, a born General is now being introduced by the Heroes of Newerth’s Publisher , with an introduction video Rally is being shown to the community. The General is a strength hero, who focuses on heavy physical damage output.

Rally’s spells are ‘Compel’, which launches the hero up or down through higher ground, but also through trees and can therefore be really important when chasing heroes. His second spell is ‘Demoralizing Roar’, which slows units around him for 3 seconds and makes him a killer machine. While the third and last basic spell ‘Battle Experience’, will boost his output damage, making him even more dangerous. The ‘Seismic Slam’ is his ultimate weapon, where he stuns many heroes or units around him, granting him a perfect ability to start fights.

Here is what S2 Games’ Staff Viole had to say about their new Heroes of Newerth Hero:
In the armies of men and beast most soldiers are brave and true. They are loyal and follow the orders of the men who command them. But among the armies there must be leaders of men, generals to whom all others wills bend and heads bow. These are the men and women who take command of the forces that defend Newerth from the Hellbourne hoard. They give new meaning to the word hero and all men come to their call – RALLY!

Overall Rally will be a real killer, but will also be hard to kill, as all his spells can be used for offensive or defensive attacks.

Rally will be available from Friday, 3rd August and will be available with bonus avatars.

Source: heroesofnewerth.com

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