Saturday news, GSL theme song and teams announced!

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G1-League qualification news

First lets start with the G1-League qualifiers, the round of 16 for the phase two of the qualifiers has come to a close and the teams fighting in the top eight and one more victory away from reaching phase three have been decided. .Th managed to overcome the Chinese team Tongfu whilst Zenith overcame First Departure. An overview of just what happened in these matches can be found here! Zenith were the first team to use Timbersaw in a competitive match, see how it worked out for them! The round of eight matches start tomorrow and the winners have an even more daunting challenge awaiting them in phase three.

Ro8 Matches

MUFC vs Rattlesnake
RStars vs C.SK
.int vs
Zenith vs NeoES.TH

Winners of these matches will go onto phase three of the qualifiers where , , and NeoES. await them!

Garena Star League theme released!

List of Garena Star League participants

A list of 13 teams competing in the Garena Star League competition has been announced. The competition takes place in Bangkok, from the 30-31st March. The total prize pool is $60,000.

  • Disco Oh Yeah
  • Kimochi
  • Khum Seuk Sadood Ruk
  • Shooter eSports
  • siMZ
  • Cyber Zone
  • Thailand Kai Gor Dai
  • MiTH.OHP
  • Neolution eSports MRR
  • Yamaha.s2y
  • Paroma
  • Raider by EMP
  • qmq Eieiz
  • Xunwu Team Work
  • Perfect XXX
  • Orange eSports
  • Invasion eSports
  • SSOP
  • iMpunity
  • nxL Focus eSports
  • FriendsForever
  • Cats Gaming
  • Stay Green
  • Trademark eSports
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