G1 League – Orange 2:0 MUFC. LGD vs EG 20:00 SGT 08/11.

Playoffs from G1-League, Casted by LD and Godz.

The serious business is ongoing in the -League. and will both fight today for the opportunity to go to and contest the -League title at the LAN finals. The match is best of three and all is to play for. Orange managed to knock out in the previous round meaning that there will be atleast one non Chinese teams at the final. The winner of this match gets a guaranteed $6,400 plus the ticket to China, in an all Malaysian showdown anything can happen!

Update: Orange have come up trumps beating MUFC 2-0 in the playoff game. This means that they are guaranteed atleast $6,400 prize money at the LAN finals in China. The games were awesome and Orange showed true dominance.

Game 1: took a solid role playing the Templar Assassin, with great farming techniques and an abundance of gold, it wasn’t long before his quality came through and he started to pick off MUFC’s heroes with ease. After the level and XP gap became larger and larger MUFC decided to call a GG.

Game 2: MUFC came out of the blocks all guns blazing to try and rectify the loss from the previous game. They decided to try and do a four hero tower rush and were playing well to begin with and managed to destroy a couple of Orange’s towers. However Mushi and the gang kept to their game picking off the odd hero where possible and made use of their individual farming to gain a superior hero difference. Mushi playing Queen of Pain was again influential in the victory and the game went from 10-5 to Orange to 20-6. MUFC cut their losses and called a GG. Whatever Mushi is eating for breakfast I want some!

Orange eSports will join and who are already qualified for the LAN finals. LGD will face Evil Geniuses for the final spot at LAN tomorrow at 20:00 SGT. Make sure to watch it live here on BattleAsia.

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