Schedule for the G1-League finals announced!

The G1-League finals are set to get underway after all of the teams have been confirmed following the finale of the qualifiers in the previous week. The list of teams have been split into two groups and will play for the chance of winning part of that $52,000 prize money. A BattleAsia exclusive report can confirm that the team which represented had split with their organization before the start of this tournament and will be called Fumoffu’s Throws Fan Club for this interim period. We will be bringing you more news on this very shortly!

Group A

Fumoffu’s Throws Fan Club (ex Sequential Gaming)

Group B


After the group stages conclude, a LAN final will take place in on the weekend of the 17th November where the final four teams will be guaranteed prize money. However it is sure to be an exciting tournament showing the latest strategies and differences in gameplay from the Asian teams, to the Australian teams and perhaps even Evil Geniuses can claim the top prize!

Fixture List

Group A
22/10/12 19:00 (BO2): iG vs MUFC
22/10/12 21:00 (BO2): DK vs Orange
23/10/12 15:30 (BO2): TongFu vs N9
23/10/12 20:00 (BO2): LGD vs FTFC
24/10/12 15:30 (BO2): iG vs LGD
24/10/12 20:00 (BO2): DK vs TongFu
25/10/12 15:30 (BO2): Flash vs N9
25/10/12 20:00 (BO2): vs FTFC
26/10/12 15:30 (BO2): MUFC vs EG
26/10/12 20:00 (BO2): Orange vs Flash

Group B
28/10/12 15:30 (BO2): Orange vs N9
28/10/12 20:00 (BO2): MUFC vs SQL
29/10/12 15:30 (BO2): LGD vs EG
29/10/12 20:00 (BO2): TongFu vs Flash
30/10/12 15:30 (BO2): DK vs N9
30/10/12 20:00 (BO2): iG vs SQL
31/10/12 15:30 (BO2): LGD vs MUFC
31/10/12 20:00 (BO2): TongFu vs Orange
01/11/12 15:30 (BO2): DK vs Flash
01/11/12 20:00 (BO2): iG vs EG

Online Playoffs:

03/11/12 20:00 (BO3): A1 vs B2
04/11/12 20:00 (BO3): B1 vs A2
05/11/12 20:00 (BO3): A3 vs B4
06/11/12 20:00 (BO3): B3 vs A4
07/11/12 20:00 (BO3): Loser of match on 3rd November vs winner of match on 5th November
08/11/12 20:00 (BO3): Loser of match on 4th November vs winner of match on 6th November.

LAN Finals:

17/11/12: Semi-Finals (BO3)
18/11/12: Third place decider and Grand Final (BO3) The games which decide the prize money!

All times are SGT.

Casting will be made available throughout this tournament by David ‘’ Parker and David ‘’ Gorman in English so there is no reason not to follow and see the wonderful world of DotA 2 played by some of the best people on Earth and try and pick up a few tips.



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