OPPA Tops Northern SMM Qualifier

Oppa, So Far, Sino and Typhon.Mas qualify at the Northern SMM Qualifier

Last Sunday Malaysia had its yearly tournament qualifiers starting off. One of the most prestigious and well-established tournaments named Sendi Mutiara Multimedia, short , has started with a regional qualifier.

The Northern Regional Qualifier was there to find 4 participants for the National Grand Finals held on December 16th. All tournament participants have to pay a small registration fee (RM 50), which secures the organizers less drop out of teams and therefore a smoother schedule.

In return the organizers of the SMM Regional Finals offered prize money for the top 4 of RM 3,900 (ca. USD 1,278), besides the money the teams secure themselves a slot at the Grand Finals.

The team around TriCky, secured themselves the first slot and will be leading the top 4 to the Grand Finals in Cyberjaja.

The Final Ranking looks as following
#1 RM 2,000 (ca. USD 655)
#2 RM 1,000 (ca. USD 327)
#3 RM 600 (ca. USD 196)
#4 Typhon.Mas RM 300 (ca. USD 98)

In the Grand Finals the tournament organizers will give out total prize money of RM 121,500 (ca. USD 39,829), which will be divided among the top 16!

Addition Link:
Replays of the SMM Northern Qualifier

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