6 Questions to Kat

Philippines Star Kat from PMSki, talks about Women in Gaming and about her organization PMSki

BattleAsia brings you a feature today, which is today with a personality. The owner and semi-carry player of , a combination of the extremely successful organizations and Mineksi, stood in front of our virtual microphone. Her beautiful name is Katrina Ferrer, she is 21 years of age and in-game she is known as .

As a player, what would you rate your biggest success? And which tournament gave you the most joy and made you most proud?
Just being a female professional gamer makes me proud already, but winning the Pro Gaming League Girls Bracket 6 times, is a big achievement for us as well.

With Mineski and PMS you have two very impressive organizations behind you, could you enlighten us about the deal between the two organizations?
During my early years in , girl players in Philippines could be counted on the fingers in one hand. Mineski decided to form an all-girls team, then PMS, which is an all-girls team from Singapore found out that there is an all-girls team here in Philippines who even compete against the boys. So they have set contact and we are now a sister team, which is where our name is originating from PMS + Mineski = PMSki


Now, since we got the chance to ask, you as a beautiful player and owner of a team, would you say that in female gaming it’s partly about the looks and partly about the skill?

Hi Hi, Thank you. The skill of course, all girls should play to inspire, not to impress. Yet looks are important too, for confidence boost. If you ask me if my looks have helped me so far, I think so. Not saying that I am a very good looking girl, but I feel that I am presentable, which raises my confidence level, especially in tournaments.

Did professional gaming for PMSki help in your life? Have you gained some additional skills due to gaming?
I gained a lot of new friends and I am allowed to say that I became a well-known person within the DotA community. We practiced so much before, were always very focused on the game, learned about being always mentally alert. Overall I can say that my professional gaming career within PMSki helped me a lot in my life.

What is your dream for the future in gaming?

Maybe to have a stable team (at the moment we kinda have personal problems in the team). Besides that I would love to play internationally and learn a lot more about DotA.

Why do you think the female gaming community is lacking behind, even though there are more and more females playing games now. Do you feel that women lack this competitive instinct, or where do you see the differences?
There is a big difference, when you compare both, the female and male community. They are so much better, but then, we girl do still play good and some boys get their asses kicked by us. I think game organizers should consider girl’s brackets in their tournaments. Girls can help with E-Sports, I believe that we add a lot of inspiration. And a life without a women is boring!

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