IPL Season 5 with Taipei Assassins

100,000 USD up for the grabs at IPL Season 5 in Las Vegas, USA

This weekend we have a clash of the titans in , Shootmania and StarCraft II going on. the most recent winners of the most recent Garena Premier League Season and also winner of the Season 2 World Championship rewarded 1,000,000 USD prize.

Now with Season 5 taking place in , the four boys around their captain MiSTakE will do their best to come out victorious again, yet there are a couple of teams who are disagreeing strongly with TPA claiming the right for the title. Chinese team World Elite, the popular team Solomid, Curse Gaming EU and Thailand’s ladder winner and Razer supported team are doing their best to stop the aura of Taipei Assassin.

While that we have the Korean representant Blaze coming onto the League of Legends stage, who took win at the OGN Champions League, by beating their brother team Frost. Even a team from Hong Kong made to the North American city of sins.

Teaser for IPL Season 5

A total of 100,000 USD will be given out at the League of Legends tournament and these are the teams fighting for the IPL Season 5 crown;

  • TSM
  • CLG Prime
  • Moscow Five
  • Curse NA
  • Curse EU
  • Dynamic
  • World Elite
  • Fear
  • Meat Playground
  • Blackbean
  • iCeLand
  • Azubu Blaze
  • CLG EU

The games can be viewed live on stream, which is embedded above and games start at 2 a.m. Singaporean time, tonight.

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