IEM Singapore; US and European qualifiers come to an end!

Intel Extreme Masters Starcraft II and League Of Legends qualifiers, list of gamers!

The is due to have its maiden stop in from the 22-25rh November and the event is shaping up to be something special. Across the world, the best gamers in and Starcraft II have been giving it their all to try and secure a ticket to and the chance to compete for $82,000 in prize money.

Additional qualifiers for South East Asia are yet to be announced but there is a Korean/Taiwanese qualifier for Starcraft II on theĀ  30th October which should throw up some interesting matches.

Starcraft II Qualifiers for Singapore;;

  • Tefel
  • VortiX
  • White-Ra
  • Golden
  • sLivko
  • IdrA
  • KiLLeR
  • PiG

League of Legends Qualifiers

  • MeetYourMakers
  • Team Curse EU
  • Absolute Legends NA
  • Counter Logic Gaming Prime
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