World Cyber Games on Air Now!

We are now live with the World Cyber Games Grand Finals in China

Today is the start of the Grand Finals in , . Many months of qualifiers are now over, many tears have dried up and many organizers, gamers and streamers have now set all eye-balls on the upcoming event.

Today Thursday, starts with the Opening Ceremony, where many important Chinese, Korean and International respected ministers and C-Level personalities will wish the gamers the best of luck for the upcoming games. Right after the Ceremony, we will have the games starting, Dota 2, followed by , , , World of Tanks and Counter-Strike Online.

Until now, South Korea has been most successful within all tournaments of World Cyber Games. A total of 70 Medals, where out 33 were gold ones; followed by Germany with 37 medals in total.

Streams are available in a couple of different languages, such as Russian, Korean and Spanish. Just visit following link

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