Singapore Gaming with Huge Step Forward

Last weekend in Singapore: Intel Extreme Masters and Garena Carneval

Last weekend we had two very important gaming events in . I had to go, because I used to live in this lovely and futuristic Asian city, which treated me well during all my stays.

The Intel Extreme Masters made a stop at Singapore, which was already quite surprising to me. I heard before that the ESL was trying to bring gaming to Southeast Asia before and we could follow their efforts when seeing online leagues being offered here. This time ESL made our dream come true and organized a real competitive gaming event in our lovely region, and the fans thanked ESL by attending the activities and cheering for their favorite players. The Intel Extreme Masters were held within a consumer exhibition, SITEX 2012, which were located at the big and impressive Singapore Expo.

I took a plane down to Singapore on Saturday early morning, arrived 2,5 hours later and had to get used to the order which is ruling in Singapore. As I was arriving from a city, which has its charm in being a little chaotic, to a city which is known and loved for being clean and extremely well-organized.

My hotel was located 5 minutes away from Singapore Expo, it was a great piece of relaxing area, which was really needed after my long days. I arrived, met so many people I have not seen in a long time. My friends from the ESL, Freaks 4U, SK-Gaming etc. were there, but also my old colleagues, friends and partners from my time in Singapore came and made me feel even more welcome.

Interview with local channel, Furryfish posing with the producer

On Sunday, I woke up with the plans to visit Event, held in a popular mall named Bugis+. I remember the mall from before, when it was named Iluma and not crowded at all, but now everything has changed, its super crowded and to me sticks in my brains as the mall where gaming found its home.

This is quite an impressive statement. Love to see game advertisement in public places.

Garena had a big booth, together with Alienware and other partners. Many people came, to attend and play special quests for free, when finishing all quests in all booths, the players were rewarded with nice Garena goodies, there you can already see the high professionalism and the superb community work Garena is offering in Singapore.

When visiting the Garena Stadium, which has an a super big stage inside for gaming events, I was again positively surprised by their very thoughtful created and designed stadium, which works really well as a place to watch gaming. When I arrived, I saw a lot of girls and boys wearing costumes of their favorite hero in League of Legend. Maybe their advertisement in the Singaporean subway is true, where they say that: 1 out of 4 young people in Singapore play .

On a bottom note, Singapore is growing and walking into the right direction in Gaming, and the Singaporean government is making Singapore an even nicer and more futuristic place to stay. The ideas coming up for the Singaporean gaming future are huge and I am so thrilled to see those being implanted and turned into reality.

The appreciation you get in Singapore is quite stunning and from my side very much appreciated as well. I thank you once again for all your kindness, your warm welcome and your efforts to make these events a great experience for everyone involved. Keep it up, keep fighting for social acceptance and keep up the support!

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