PGF DotA 2 Champion JessieVash Talks…

Pagibig player, former Mineski talks about DotA 2!

The may be becoming a distant memory for some of you, however the guys at Rapture Gaming have managed to corner , a player who plays for .TnC the team which took the title at this year’s event. The interview talks about preparations for the event and how he felt the team performed.

Here is a snippet from the interview;

RGN: Can you please discuss a brief background of Pagibig TnC?

JessieVash: Actually team Pagibig is my 1st team in DotA, so we’ve been together for almost a year. But when DOTA 2 was released each one of us played for different teams, until we decided to get together again and play as team Pag-Ibig TnC.

RGN: We’ve noticed that your team is playing alongside the famous Ninjaboogie. How is it playing with him?

JessieVash: It was fun playing with him like an ordinary teammate. Ever since he’s been my teammate before and we went to Singapore together for League of Legends tournament, haha :))

RGN: How did you qualify in the DOTA 2 tournament?

JessieVash: We joined MIOT ( Infinity Opening Tournament) and we won as a champion.

RGN: Prior to the tournament, what training did the team went through?

JessieVash: Usually we play via online everyday and a month before the tournament, we met 4 times a week and played together in a lan shop either at The Morayta or Mineski Infinity Morayta.

RGN: What was the emotion of the team upon reaching the finals?

JessieVash: I felt so happy that we’re already at the finals, thinking that it was just an ordinary game/competition that we really need to win.

RGN: As the PGF champ, will you be the one competing in “The Asia” DOTA 2 cup?

JessieVash: Yes, we are. It was also one of the prizes in Pinoy Gaming Festival for DOTA 2.

Full interview is available here.

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