Singapore has the Licence 2 Play

Been in Singapore again; this time to visit Licence2Play

The last weekend I have been visiting the biggest gaming event in , called Licence 2 Play. It was held in the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center, which is located right opposite of the amazing ‘boat on 3 towers’.

Singapore has changed a lot, especially in this area, now it looks more stunning, the skyline is full of all those fancy bank towers and the view is just freaking cool and extremely nice. I wish I would have this view throughout my entire life, this is one of the reasons to rush home and sit on the balcony to enjoy.

Before I lose myself in the Singaporean skyline, I come back to the event itself. It was an event held by the Singapore Press Holding in association with SCOGA, a non-profit organization, which is the link between government and gamers. Also they fund teams and individual players to visit events overseas, such as sending a team to Dreamhack.

The event was not as big as events in Europe or America, yet it was a very interesting combination of games. for example had an amazing booth, a stage with 20 computers, another 20 in their booth, but that is not all, they had the most amazing crowed pullers ever; 15 to 20 extremely hot girls in uniform were playing games with the audience and taking pictures in front of a huge tank. I was visiting this booth quite often, just to get a glimpse of these girls, as they also had a Czech girl there.

Blizzard had a StarTale girl playing against the crowd, there I was able to play some Hearts of the Swarm expansion and see the Panda expansion of World of WarCraft, which is damn cute and leaned on KungFu Panda. I have to admit that I really have to keep my hands of these Blizzard titles; otherwise I would not even find time to blog. These games are super addictive and Blizzard knows how to play with your mind!

I have been around with Shanda Games, where I opened their newly developed game, , together with other guys from the Media Industry. We played a 3v3 on stage, where we had to shoot each other. The game can be explained as a game which has all features from Counter-Strike but is in a more cartoonish world. It is a really interesting title, as its super fun to play and create your little avatar warriors. So I walked away as MVP and winner of the challenge, while receiving the Tt eSport mouse, which was designed with BMW, and the White-Ra mouse pad.

A new Singaporean show has made its first appearance, named xploitgames, their host Charmaine and Farez will give you a pretty good insight on the event.

Overall the games were nice, the booths and babes were amazing, the Singaporean scene is still developing, I heard that there were around 100,000 people attending this year’s event. I met so many good people down there, yet it was a really short trip again, so I was not able to meet everyone. The new job I am in, where I take care of the network development within TwitchTV has been amazing, yet time consuming so far, as I have to do a lot of communication work.

I would like to thank you the guys who treated me so well in Singapore, besides that I would like to thank the Singaporean government , for holding and funding such events.

As a last sentence, Singapore, you look amazing now. You have the Licence 2 Play and I will do my best to be a valuable part of it.

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