Licence 2 Play Singapore

7-9th December. Celebrating gaming in Singapore.

The event in is back for another year, after the IEM event which took place two weeks previous, this event is sure to add glamor to the ever increasing scene in the country.

The event is for the casual gamer as well as the avid esport junkie and therefore has events in , , MoH: Warfighter and even Street Fighter, with such an array of events and stalls exhibiting it proves to be a great event for all and one you should check out if you are in Singapore at the moment.

There is also going to be a competition so expect to see lots of awesome costumes and no doubt some sexy elves as fans show off all their hard work and appreciation for game artwork and characters by dressing up as them throughout this event.  To follow the event and see the sexy Singaporean elves, look no further than the LIVE stream which is available here on BattleAsia.

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