Ferrari “ Navi 2nd Placed Wasn’t Fluked ”

Known for being 1 of the top Solo-Carry of DotA. His signature heroes are NS, Invoker, Templar Assassin.  Over at sat down with Ferrari in a 2 hour  interview.

Kurt :  “ You were from Wuhan, Hubei. Tell us how you got into gaming as a child. What was your first DotA game like? ”

Ferrari : ” I guess it started back when I was around eight or nine years old. Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved to play games all the time – I played everything from arcade games to PlayStation 2 to computer games.
Computer games and especially DotA were introduced to me by my classmates from school. ”

Kurt:  Where do you see your future in DotA? How long do you plan to remain as a professional gamer?  ”

Ferrari : “ Well, I’m currently a professional gamer but before that I was a student. I guess somewhere down the road I’ll get an ordinary job for myself. As for how long I intend to play DotA, I would say that it’s a tough call now that Dota 2 is being developed – it’s a really good game. ”

Kurt:   Apart from winning The International, what is your fondest achievement to date and why? ”

Ferrari : “ It would have to be the World Cyber Games championship title that we just won. I guess you could say that WCG was something that I had always dreamt of winning as a child. From the moment I was exposed to eSports, my goal was to work towards the WCG title. ”

Kurt : ” On that note, how is your relationship with the Na`Vi players during The International? Do you guys still keep in contact with one another? 

Ferrari : “ My relationship with the Na`Vi players is not bad, I would say. In fact, all the players at The International were very friendly. Dendi is an extremely passionate and enthusiastic player. ”

Kurt : ” Why did that same reason not work out for them in the finals against your team? 

Ferrari : “ Like what I mentioned before, often you will see Na`Vi trying out things that no one expects them to do, but in the grand finals they picked up a lineup that LGD was very adept at playing – the combination of Dragon Knight and Naga Siren. I would call this a ‘conventional’ strategy. In fact, it was hard for them to beat us with that strategy because LGD had used this exact strategy against us in the many scrims that we played before The International. We were already familiar with how we were going to counter it [recall Faith’s amazing performance on Disrupter. ”

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