G1-League: LGD.CN 2:0 Evil Geniuses. Final LAN lineup confirmed!

Final game of the online G1-League, casted by LD and Godz.

After the Malaysian madness that ensued yesterday between and eSports, with a dominant display from proving too much for MUFC. Today we see a Chinese team with a point to prove and battle it out for the final spot at the LAN finals. The winner is guaranteed $6,400 in prize money and will join , and in .

Will Evil Geniuses provide an upset and make it two Chinese teams versus two international teams at the LAN finals or will show dominance and keep the dream of a Chinese 1st, 2nd and 3rd alive. Watch the game LIVE here.

Update: The first game brought up a lot of drama with making a solid start however the organized approach and failure to worry meant that they got ahead with the farming. This advantage then led to more and more hero kills and then finally a LGD victory. The second game was smilar with taking an early lead, however the patience game and ability not to worry led LGD to slowly creep ahead in the gold and level count and ultimately booked their ticket to the LAN finals.

Offline finals:

DK vs Orange eSports – November 17th.

Invictus Gaming vs LGD.China – November 17th.

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