TI2 Day 1 – Asia Dominates

After Day 1 of the biggest event of the year, the tables for groups 1 and 2 certainly reveal one thing many were uncertain about – yes the Chinese teams have been practicing, and yes they are rather good at . Day one sees and top of groups A and B respectfully, with undefeated and iG only dropping one game. It’s not all doom and gloom for the west however, as of Sweden are also undefeated in Group A and are yet to play LGD.

In a shocking first day many of the big EU teams seem themselves in the lower part of the groups, with 1 champions Na’Vi going 0-4 at one point, and only just scraped back 2 points before the end of the day. It is just the first day however, and there is plenty of Dota left to be played!

The full standings can be found below, or over at the official webpage found here. Click on each image to be taken to the official page for all the information about the team you could wish for – well played for such an informative site.

Expect more epic plays today, and be sure to follow all the action from the main page where you can find links to streams in all languages.

All images used property of Valve and the respected teams associated with them. 

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