TI2 – Spectator Client!

TI2 – aka The 2- is just over a week away from its start. Being the biggest cash prize event in (matched only by the previous International), it has many many people watching and waiting for more news on the event. The teams are announced, the venue booked, the tickets all sold out, so if you are not one of the lucky people going – where can YOU find all the information, all the action, and all the drama relating to ’s Intentional 2?

The main International site has been updated just recently, and its the “must go to” source of all your favourite teams and their players, all your favourite commentators, and most importantly – when it’s all happening. You can view all the action from this £1m spectacle for FREE in English, Chinese, or Russian from any of the casting teams by downloading the free spectator client. For those not wanting to download the client (seriously…why would you not want to?) then there will be various streams available from the International site itself, and are planned to be shown all at the same time – so there is no excuse not to miss any of the action!

The preliminary stages start on August 26th, and the main event starts on the 29th lasting until the 1st September. Stay tuned for announcements of the groups, and once they are up we can start predicting some results and highlighting what matches you simply should NOT miss…preferably all of them 🙂

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