Asia Madness Announced! Triple Elimination(?!), $5,000 Prize!

DotA 2 Tournament, best teams in Asia and a crazy format, brought to you by It's Gosu.

A new tournament is on the horizon, the crazy guys over at It’s Gosu have decided that normal tournaments just aren’t fun enough for them. Especially those which are single elimination, deciding to switch things up a little they have gone for a little unknown concept called triple elimination, whatever this truly means all I know is the more eliminations, the more games for the fans and with the team list for this tournament you are not going to be disappointed!

However before the main event gets underway, a qualifier will be taking place to decide the 10th place in the tournament. This qualifier starts today and will conclude on Sunday, the qualifiers are single elimination and involve eight teams ranging from the to and . The qualifiers will be streamed and we hope to bring you that live stream on the BattleAsia site brought to us by David “LD” Gorman and David “Luminous” Zhang. The qualifiers start at 20:00 SGT today. Be sure to tune in to catch the action. The final game will take place on Sunday 4th November at 17:00 SGT.

Qualifier Teams;


The main event is expected to start shortly after the qualifier concludes and is expected to be an awesome one month of pure carnage on the scene. Some great teams and an innovative system. I wouldn’t like to call it, anybody could take the title with this crazy system.

Prize Pool;

  1. $2,500
  2. $1,500
  3. $1,000
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