Orange & MRR are off to Sweden

Heroes of Newerth, DreamHoN qualifiers see two teams from South East Asia heading to Sweden.

From the 22nd-25th November, the largest event in Europe gets underway in the form of Winter. The event which takes place during Dreamhack offers up the ten best teams in the world and brings them to Sweden in the aim of finding out who really is on top of their game. The qualifiers have now ended and two teams from the South East Asia region have managed to secure a place at the event and a flight to Sweden. They are from and MRR from Thailand.

As with most games and gaming in the region, Heroes of Newerth is suffering a pleasant boom in numbers of people playing the game and with the increased competition, one would hope that these two teams do the region proud on the world stage. eSports will be returning to Dreamhack after competing at the summer event and will be looking to better their performance from there when they finished in the group stage.

Lineup of Orange eSports;

  • MrGhost
  • Dabeliuteef
  • Shuiyu
  • WangWang
  • XXF_

MRR, the Thai team will be hoping to use their anonymity to their advantage and try and surprise a few people at the tournament. I am sure they are relishing the opportunity to compete on the big stage and will feel good going into the games unknown meaning they can play with no fear. This team is not to be underestimated however, qualifying through the BigFest 2012 event in Bangkok. All of the players within the team started out playing DotA before making the switch to Heroes of Newerth and have made some good victories on the way to qualifying including taking the scalps of well known organization MiTH.

Lineup of MRR;

  • `Chitawan
  • O7T_
  • N_eversay
  • DiOrz
  • kSsA

Full list of DreamHon teams;

  • compLexity Gaming
  • Tt eSports
  • GaryJohnson2012
  • Trademark eSports
  • Q sQuad
  • Orange eSports
  • Cats Gaming
  • paiN Gaming
  • vTi.Dynasty
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