TNC with DotA for Good Cause

Pinoy organization, team and gaming cafe chain are helping those in need.

Pinoy team and gaming café chain has yesterday finished a tournament for a good cause. After now many gaming organizations having held tournaments, streams and various other activities to support those in need, it was now time for the to do something good.

Children being confined at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) were to get a from the sponsors and TNC Trojan. Every year, since 2008, Emerson Albo and Eric Redulfin, Owner of TNC, have donated a lot to this very hospital.

A Certification of Appreciation, as responsible members of the Philippines

The tournament is usually open for students around their gaming cafes. Students can win shirts, a cash prize and are a part of the gift giving, which this year will be held on 20th December. In a way TNC with their supporters and partners have created some kind of a Christmas for the ones who really are in need of one. This and many other engagement shows that gamers have a heart and show that gaming is much more than just playing a game.

You can see a gallery at TNC’s Facebook page.

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