Pride of Champions League 2012 National Finals

The whole country of Philippines gather for Crossfire on October 20th

is one of most popular online First-Person-Shooters in the Philippines, as it leans on Counter-Strike. The game is more intense and offers new kinds of weapons and a lot of different player costumes.

is publishing the game within the Philippines and try to help the gaming community by contributing in many ways, such as giving the community new games to test and exploring different genres.

Last year, Gameclub already held an event, named 2011, which took place in the SM Mega Mall Cyberzone. Eight teams from Pangasinan, Metro Manila, Butuan City and Cebu City came together and battled for a slot at the World Cyber Games 2011. Cebu City’s team MOT FTW took the crown and secured themselves flights to South Korea.

Trailer for The Pride of Champions 2012

At this year’s edition, the event has now gathered 8 teams from totally different regions within the Philippines. All teams being present at the Pride of Champions League 2012 have qualified through various qualifiers.

Here an overview of teams qualified for the Pride of Champions League 2012 National Finals:

  1. Pcfc.NeoES.Wara (Manila 1 Regional Champion)
  2. TNC. Macta Infirma (Manila 2 Regional Champion)
  3. TABS (Manila 3 (Regional Champion)
  4. PGNxAVA (North Luzon Regional Champion)
  5. KDOT (South Luzon Regional Champion)
  6. Mutinous (Cebu Regional Champion)
  7. GOT5-H2G (Iloilo Regional Champion)
  8. LOKO (Davao Regional Champion)

Grand Champion:

  • PHP 50,000 in Cash (ca. USD 1212)
  • Crossfire T-Shirts
  • (5) Razer BlackWidow Ultimate
  • (5) Razer Death Adder (Black Edition)
  • (5) Razer Goliathus Extended
  • (5) Razer Messenger Bag
  • (5) Razer T-Shirt
  • (5) Razer Bandana

2nd Place:

  • PHP 20,000 in Cash (ca. USD 484)
  • Crossfire T-Shirts
  • (5) Razer Black Widow
  • (5) Razer Goliathus Alpha
  • (5) Razer T-Shirt

3rd Place:

  • PHP 10,000 in Cash (ca. USD 242)
  • (5) Razer Death Adder (Black Edition)
  • (5) Razer Goliathus Standard
  • (5) Razer T-Shirt

For those who will just want to watch the live battle, you can also receive freebies from Razer and Crossfire. You might  be rewarded with amazing prizes from the partners and sponsors, such as Razer Ferox, Flasks and different weapons or merchandise out of the Crossfire universe.

You can also join in the FREE FOR ALL challenge. Just register your team starting 10 am at the FREE FOR ALL Challenge Side event. This challenge is also occupied with nice prizes. You can watch and follow the event on October 20th at the SM City North Edsa CyberZone.

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