South Korea IeSF Champions – Undefeated!

The Alliance of Valliant Arms (A.V.A) World Championship 2012 is now over and was able to remain undefeated during the whole competition. The rather unconventional system of 2 group stages, followed by playoffs was the stage where the clear favorites of could shine. The tournament had a total prize pool of USD 18,000 is one of the biggest prizes given out in an A.V.A competition since release.

Chinese Taipei Surviving Group of Death
China, Thailand, Chinese Taipei and Japan were grouped up into the group of death, which was quite unpredictable, but due to a very strong performance Chinese Taipei was able to win this group and remain the only team advancing to the second group stage. The Thailand team, which was represented by Neolution E-Sport left the competition with a 1-2 score in games, as they lost to Chinese Taipei and China, but winning against Japan.

After the group stage Neolution E-Sport’s team captain Aeyy ‘’ Kruavit stated, that weapons used were different from the ones being use on Thai servers [add. Information: different countries have different patch versions]. While that Aeyy also mentioned that Chinese Taipei are a very skilled and special team who can always go far in every competition.

Korea’s First Moment to Shine
Korea was faced against Indonesia and Philippines, where Korea came out with a 2-0 streak, while Philippines managed to place second due to a well-deserved victory against Indonesia.

Second Group Stage Now Include European and American Teams
The two group stage winners of the first group stage, which were South Korea and Chinese Taipei were placed into another group, but here facing three new teams, who have not been participating in the tournament earlier. Belgium, Israel and previous super-stars from America were now facing the two big favorites on the title.

Within the second group stage South Korea managed to win all games, followed by Chinese Taipei and America on rank three.

Playoffs to determine the Final Placements
In the playoffs were South Korea had to face Chinese Taipei to determine the final winner of the tournament, the boys from the land of gaming were able to win with a 3-1 score.

#1 South Korea
#2 Taiwan
#3 America

Here you can see the Grand Final between South Korea and Chinese Taipei

As mentioned above it was a quite unconventional tournament system, but it proved once more that South Korea is still the favorite in A.V.A, while Chinese Taipei is improving their own skills a lot by having the now best organized tournament infrastructure in A.V.A.

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