Austria’s Monchi Upsets and Wins IeSF 2012

Yesterday the World Championship held in Cheonan, South Korea ended and a total of 300 players from 47 nations met up in the halls of the to battle out the best in three different games, StarCraft II, Tekken and Alliance of Valliant Arms.

Information about IeSF

The IeSF takes place since 2009, where more than 20 nations participate in various games. The titles for the 2012 World Championship are StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, Alliance of Valiant Arms, and Tekken. The total prize money pool is 60,000,000 Korean Wong (circa 27,000 USD). In many countries there has been a qualifier organized by different National Federations, where a winner was found and send to the in order to represent Nations. Since years IeSF is trying to find a balance between developed gaming countries and rather new faces in the scene, such as Bangladesh or Namibia.

Upsets and Takes Title in StarCraft II

In StarCraft II it was quite an upset when the Austrian Phillip ‘monchi’ Simon took in the Grand Finals, by showing a flawless performance. The group stage went as expected, as the favorites scored important points against the clear underdogs.In the playoffs, we could see some more popular names and more interesting matches as palyers such as Jason ‘Yekke’ Chan (Singapore), Silviu ‘’ Lazar (Romania), Simon ‘Socke’ Thus (Germany), Park ‘’ Woo, Chia-Chen ‘’ Yang (Taiwan), Artem ‘’ Avramenko (Russia), Phillip ‘monchi’ Simon (Austria) and Rickard ‘SortOf’ Bergman (Sweden).The Russian International has shown his talent by beating the lately strong Swede SortOf and the popular Chinese Taipai Zerg . Only the Romanian represent NightEnd could beat VERDI with a 2-1 score when meeting in the Semi Finals. Austria’s hope Phillip ‘monchi’ Simon could upset by beating the Korean StarTale player Squirtle in quarter finals, and then beating NightEnd with 3-1 in the Grand Finals.

#1 Phillip’ monchi’ Simon (Austria) – 2250 USD
#2 Silviu ‘NightEnd’ Lazr (Romania)
#3 Artem ‘VERDI’ Avramenko (Russia)

The Austrian is now circa USD 2250 richer, while NighEnD received USD 1350 and second runner-up VERDI is going home with USD 900 more in his pockets.

Information and Pictures takes from Liquipedia

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