Neolution E-Sport dominate EWC Thailand


The FPS part of the E-Sports tournament from last week came to and end with a big bang in both A.V.A and Counter-Strike:Online tournaments. The 3 tournaments that were held in these two games were clearly dominated by E-Sport. Whereas it is known that have one of the strongest teams in , the surprise came in :ONLINE where fans could see a return of within “Nearly God by E-Sports”.

First price for the Counter-Strike ONLINE Thailand Championship 2012 was set at 30,000 THB ( 1,000 USD ), hardware prices and a WCG spot for the WCG finals in China. NeoNG around Thai legend Voo made that spot after an intense 16:15 final match, with the runner up fragordie ending up with 10,000 THB ( 325 USD ) in cash. Winning team’s line-up :


The two AVA tournaments had even more impressive price pools, with the AVA Thailand Championship 2012 offering 100,000 THB ( 3,250 USD ) and an invitation to the South Korean AVA World Championship 2012. Neolution E-Sport made it first, with tAfz from Chiang Mai being the runner up team.

The AVA Super League 2012 with a prize money of 50,000 THB ( 1,625 USD ) and a qualification for the AVA South East Asian PlayFPS Elite 2013 tournament in Malaysia. Here as well Neolution E-Sport managed to beat 1st.GIGABYTE for the first spot.

NeoES-Voo (manager)
NeoES-ViperDemon (captain)

The finals for Sudden Attack Season 2 Thailand Championship 2012 awarded 20,000 THB ( 650 USD ), an invitation to the PlayFPS Elite 2013 in Malaysia and prize money in the game itself, with the second team earning 10,000 THB instead. Here the tournament ended with Arrancar snatching first, and Zanoir ending as the runner ups.

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