MiTH.Trust are Thailand Champions Again

Today the Thai eSports League took place in the House of Warriors 5, located in Bangkok, Thailand, where four teams, which qualified over the season, were invited to play for a total of 80,000 THB (2500 USD).

.Trust, E-Sport (old lineup), .GIGABYTE and ECS.Fight were the teams to participate in the offline event. As placed first during the season they were to face Neolution E-Sport, while iDeal faced ECS.

In start it looked like Neolution E-Sport (old lineup) would be favor to win the tournament, along with iDeal, which have been performing quite well during Southeast Asia’s GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournaments. Before the Thai eSports League finals the audience could not be sure about the role of MiTH, as they have lately mostly practiced 2. While the last of four teams, ECS.Fight, has been the clear underdog on paper.

In the game iDeal vs Neolution E-Sport, Neolution showed its potential again, even after not seeing the old lineup in action for quite some while. After iDeal destined to push in the early game, they were not able to finish the game in-time and gave Neolution the chance to change the game’s result during late game, where Stealth Assassin (Rikimaru) got way to strong and unstoppable.

A big upset was the match ECS.Fight vs MiTH.Trust, who faced each other in the Winnerbracket Finals, where ECS could easily take home the game. ECS.Fight’s player Kna has finished the game with an impressive 11-0 kill/death score.

In the Grand Finals, we had MiTH.Trust vs ECS.Fight. MiTH came from the loser bracket finals and had to battle their way against Neolution E-Sport twice. In the Lower Bracket Finals MiTH managed to win in 60 minutes action-packed game and were to face ECS again whom knocked them into the lower bracket in the first place.

In the end it was MiTH.Trust who is able to take home the tournament win and secured themselves a prize of 23,000 Baht (730 USD). A too strong performance paired with big experience at tournaments, seemed unbeatable for the surprising underdog ECS.Fight, who still are entitled to receive 18,000 Baht (570 USD).

Round Match Replay
WB Round 1 MiTH.Trust vs Neolution E-Sport Link
WB Round 1 iDeal.GIGABYTE vs ECS.Fight Link
WB Final MiTH.Trust vs ECS.Fight Link
LB Round 1 Neolution E-Sport vs iDeal.GIGABYTE Link
LB Final Neolution E-Sport vs MiTH.Trust Link
Grand Finals ECS.Fight Link
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