Leenock wins MLG Summer Championship

17 year old Korean zerg player Lee Dong Nyoung most known as from FXO won Summer. Leenock who also won providence on 2011 by defeating Swedish player NaNiwa is now back on the soil of USA to take another title by defeating fellow countryman First on a convincing series of 4-1.

Dong Nyoung’s road to finals is not been a walk in the park, during the semifinals he played TheStC on a close 4-3 series where he almost lose to another fellow countryman. Leenock also took down formidable foes on the way like viOLet, HuK, Sheth and Puma.

During the finals Leenock made an impressive win playing a very aggressive gameplay vs IM_First by using a signature move of muta-ling and some unorthodox gameplay like fast nydus.


MLG Summer Chapionship standings

1st FXOLeenock

2nd IM_First

3-4 Liquid’Taeja

3-4 TheStC


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