FXOpen Hires Danish BabyKnight

Former Defense of the Ancients (DotA) professional Jon’BabyKnight‘Andersen is now a part of the Malaysian owned forex company FXOpen. Jon used to be a successful DotA professional, where he played for the Danish powerhouse Meet Your Makers and with whom he won third rank at the Electronic Sports World Cup 2012.

Since April 2011 he switched games and began playing StarCraft II, there he first joined the Ukrainian team of Natus Vincere. His first countable achievement was in ZOTAC Cup #49, where he placed second due to losing the finals against the Swedish Terran player Jimpo with a clear 0-3 score.

Now Jon is sharing his lunch break along with renowned players such as Strelok and HappyZerg. It will be interesting to follow BabyKnight in his first appearances, which are WCS Denmark Finals, ASUS ROG Summer and the TSL4.

Picture taken from sc2replays.dk

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