Clide to join KT roster as Team Coach

Former player  Han “ “ Kyu Jong  joined as coached, a Kespa team who recently transitioning to Starcraft II. Earlier today SlayerS_Jessica tweeted about the news.

Han a 24 yrs old protoss player from South Korea is a 1 of the strongest player in the world who had some magnificient GSL runs making into ro16 4 times and making into ro8 on GSL October where he lose to MMA in the close series of 2-3. Outisde Korea Clide competed on MLG Spring Championship where he defeated players like fnatic’s ByuL, cOmplexity’s Minigun and Liquid’s Sheth and also taking 3rd place in NASL Season 1 losing to EG’s Puma in semifinals.

KT Rolster on the other hand is the 1 of the best professional gaming team in Starcraft:Broodwar who housed starcraft  legends like Nal_rA, Reach, Yellow, Garimto, chojja and the terran superstar Flash. KT also have huge achievements under its belt taking 1st at 2010-2011 Shinhan Bank Proleague,  1st Shinhan bank winner league 2010 and more.

With Clide’s great game understanding on it will surely be big help on KT players who is at moment entering the world of .

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