A European Legend Leaves Completely

A European StarCraft:Broodwar celebrity has left the scene, it’s no one less than Christoph ‚Mondragon‘ Semke. His career started in the first version of StarCraft, where he in the year 1998, founded the famous Templar of Twilights (ToT), which he led to international success.

Christoph is known as one of the best foreign StarCraft: BroodWar players outside Korea. He has managed to win the German World Cyber Games Qualifier 4 times during his career. His probably most important achievement was reaching 3rd place at the World Cyber Games in 2007.

After his active BroodWar career, the German shifted into the role of managing teams, where he was hired by Team Acer along with professionals such as Artur ‘Nerchio’ Bloch and Alexandr ‘Bly’ Svusyuk.

In his last statement on Acer’s homepage, he stated that due to the final exams coming up in his studies, he will not have time to spend apart from his books, while Team Acer’s Chief Executive also ended his statement by thanking and wishing Christoph all the best for his future.

Picture taken from D-eSport.com

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A Pro Girl Gamer indeed.
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