LOKO Beats All; New Crossfire Philippines Champion

The new champion of Pride of Champions League 2012 National Finals

Last Saturday, Gameclub hosted the most prestigious First-person shooter event in the Philippines.  Gathering 8 teams, which battle for the title of Pride of Champions League 2012 Champion and PHP 50,000 (USD 1210)

Teams composed of 5 persons with 4 rifle attackers and 1 sniper take the hit and try their best to claim the title. Here is how the tournament went, as you can see PCFC.NeoES.Wara has been eliminated from the Winner Bracket quite early against the tournament winner , yet they have fought back their way all through the lower bracket and were to face again, this time for a the Grand Finals match. Seemingly has been too strong for PCFC.NeoES.Wara as they took them down twice during the Pride of Champions League 2012 National Finals.

Winners Bracket:

  • PGNxAVA > TNC.Macta.Infirma (Quarter Finals)
  • PCFC.NeoES.Wara < LOKO (Quarter Finals)
  •  < KDOT (Quarter Finals)
  • Tabs Gaming < Mutinous-Arianne (Quarter Finals)
  • LOKO > PGNxAVA (Semi Finals)
  • Mutinous-Arianne < KDOT (Semi Finals)
  • LOKO > KDOT (Winner Bracket Finals)

Lower Bracket

  • TNC.Macta Infirma vs PCFC.NeoES.Wara  (Lower Bracket Round 1)
  • Got5-H2G vs Tabs Gaming (Lower Bracket Round 1)
  • Mutinous-Arianne < PCFC.NeoES.Wara (Loser Bracket Round 1.5)
  • Got5-H2G > PGNxAVA (Lower Bracket Round 2)
  • PCFC.NeoES.Wara > Got5-H2G (Lower Bracket Round 3)
  • PCFC.NeoES.Wara > KDOT (Lower Bracket Final)

Grand Finals

  • PCFC.NeoES.Wara < LOKO

Team LOKO is a team from the Province of Butuan City, their members are

  • Keith (Captain)
  • Jeppp
  • Mrky
  • KyMesOr

BattleAsia sat down with one of the team LOKO’s sniper rifle attackers and spokesman, JeTMaN after their glorious victory.

Could you please describe your team and the role of the team captain?
Our team is like B1 and B2 because together we all know what is the plan of every individual member. We play in one heart and in one mind.  Also we don’t break our plans we always stick with our one and only plan, even though we have a team captain. We might not follow his command because each members has also a plan for an every game, sometimes we suggest a plan to the captain before we make a move.

How exactly did you prepare for the Pride Champions League 2012 National Finals?
Of course we all must be in a good mood with the right attitude and always trust your team mates. If something goes wrong, we don’t blame each other. Instead of blaming each other in that mistake we try to just recorrect it by practicing all together as a team.

What can you say about the Pride of Champions League 2012 National Finals? And what are your plans for the upcoming Pinoy Gaming Festival, which is coming up soon?
It is not so easy to win! We’ve seen teams that are fully dedicated in the . We also exert an effort to win and to get our #1 goal! We will try to get the championship and represent the Philippines in the upcoming World Cyber Games 2012 in China.

Any shoutouts for your Audience or the Event Organizer Gameclub?
Special thanks to Gameclub and staffs of the Pride of Champions League 2012 National Finals. We want to say thanks to GM Nitro because he help us out to reach Manila for answering all of our fees. To GM Ares and GM Kali thank you sir and maam! More power Gameclub!

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