Fnatic now with DotA 2 squad

Fnatic starting in a new era with an North American Dota 2 team

After their few impressive matches at the RaidCall Cup #5 and SECS, the renowned organization has decided to recruit the North American squad formerly known as . The squad will be lead by Bryant  Lehwald and  Josh Tabak, who used to play HoN under the SK-Gaming flag.

General Manager and the Manager of StarCraft 2 division Elroy Pinto :

“Today we welcome one of the most talented and up coming Dota 2 teams from the North American scene to our Academy on Fnatic. The idea behind creating a 2nd team was to give a chance to a set of new comers who can be moulded into the future of fnatic. After talking to several potential teams and players JT stood out for us by far not just in terms of skill but also in their outlook and attitude towards eSports and Fnatic. Unfortunately this also means that PowerNet who has been busy with university will be going inactive for the foreseeable future, we greatly value his time and input in fnatic but we had to move on. JT Dota for us is the way forward and the stability they represent in the Dota 2 scene can only bring great things in the future.”

Fnatic’s new lineup looks like this:

  • whiteBeard
  • SMURF-
  • tabako
  • Rolo
  • DurpDurp

Picture and Information taken from fnatic.com

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