Final Braw For SEA League Dota 2 Action

The last few rounds of are about to start. Starting from quarter finals to the semi-finals and last but not least the grand finals. The tournament will finish in 3 days starting from today 6th February until 9th February. All mathces will be played in the (BO3) Best-Of-3 format. The tournament started on 4th.

Group A was won by First Departure who never dropped a single game. The team recently beat Zenith in the Flash League. Of course don’t forget Invasion from Malaysia who won 2 games and only lost 1 game.
Group B was more of a one- sided qualifier as powerhouse Zenith who recently added Yamateh and Ice to their squad dominated the qualifying round. They are the winners for Flash Dota 2 League and favourites for the tournament
Group C  NeoES.Orange had stand-in player Kecik Imba from MAS replacing Ohaiyo for this event as he was unavailable. being back in hometown.
Group D Neolution E-sport International didn’t disappoint their fans, as they won every match and are in the semi-finals now.

With the price pool of 1.5k USD to be won, do not miss any action packed matches.

1st $800USD + 40 USD Valve Wallet Credit + 5 Neolution Esport Mechanical Keyboard TItan sets.
2nd $500USD + 25 USD Valve Wallet Credit + 5 Neolution Esport SuperSonic sets.
3rd – $200USD + 15 USD Valve Wallet Credit + 5 Neolution Esport Gaming Mouse g1 with mouse pads.

Quarter Finals

Game 1 First Departure vs Neo.TH (6:00 PM)
Game 2 Zenith vs MSI|EvoGT.TNC (8:30 PM)
Game 3 Neo.INT vs Mineski (6:00 PM)
Game 4 NeoES.Orange vs Invasion.GIGABYTE (11:00 PM)

Semi- Finals – 7th February

Game 5 Winner of Game 1 VS Winner of Game 2 (7:00 PM)
Game 6 Winner of Game 3 VS Winner of Game 4 (9:30 PM)

Grand Finals – Friday, 8th February
3rd Place Decider Loser of Game 5 VS Loser of Game 6 (7:00 PM)
Grand Finals Winner of Game 5 VS Winner of Game 6 (9:30 PM)
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