Zenith back from hibernation in GosuCup Asia III

Zenith beats MiTH.Trust 2-1 to claim $500

After a relatively long hiatus from the competitive scene, Team of Singapore has convincingly taken Game 3 off .Trust and proceeded to seal the deal of $500 in the third season of GosuCup Asia.

The past two editions of GosuCup Asia were won by Orange E-Sports and MUFC of Malaysia, but the absence of those two teams in this season’s competition saw new names battle it out for a Top 3 finish.


1st Place – Team Zenith – $500

2nd Place – MiTH.Trust – $300

3rd Place – ViCI Gaming – $200

Game recap

Game 1 (Winner: Zenith, 36-32):

Zenith (Radiant): TinkerInvokerRubickLone DruidNyx Assassin

MiTH.Trust (Dire): TidehunterJakiroTemplar AssassinNature's ProphetAlchemist

In a game that scaled past the 60-minute mark, Zenith did a a splendid comeback from a 20k gold deficit with perfect executions of teamfights. Zenith turtled strong, hard and fast, and the resilience paid off in the end, coming out from a very farmed Tinker with Ethereal Blade and a Dagon 5.

Originally, Zenith’s outer towers had all been taken down, leaving the high grounds susceptible to breaching. However, with Tinker keeping the lanes pushed out, MiTH.Trust couldn’t push. After losing a few crucial teamfights, MiTH. Trust’s barracks were pounded on and the “GG” was eventually called out.

Game 2 (Winner: MiTH.Trust, 29-23):

MiTH.Trust (Radiant): Shadow DemonJakiroMagnusWindrunnerAnti-Mage

Zenith (Dire): WispRubickUndyingSvenDark Seer

Despite a deceiving balance in terms of kills between both teams, MiTH.Trust’s Antimage had amassed a huge amount of farm at 39 minutes, having a Battlefury, Manta Style, Butterfly and a BKB. A decisive teamfight at the Roshan pit gave Antimage the signal to proceed on to rip through the barracks, prompting Zenith to call the “GG”. If anything, this was MiTH.Trust’s game to take, a revenge on the previous game where they looked on helplessly as Zenith took their barracks down.

Game 3 (Winner: Zenith, 41-15):

Zenith (Radiant): GyrocopterNature's ProphetRubickTemplar AssassinOgre Magi

MiTH.Trust (Dire): UndyingJakiroQueen of PainWindrunnerClinkz

This game was, unfortunately, more of a one-sided stomp for Zenith. Perhaps the day’s actions has caught up to MiTH.Trust; after all, nearly 2 hours of intense gameplay in succession isn’t easy at all. MiTH.Trust didn’t have it easy throughout, right from the start. The only hope left in MiTH.Trust’s lineup was their Clinkz, which saw an unorthodox Soul Ring and a decently fast Orchid Malevolence. However, despite the farm, MiTH.Trust could not hold out against the Templar Assassin’s powerful attacks and Gyrocopter’s massive AoE nukes, which made MiTH.Trust call the “GG” just barely past the 30 minute mark.

All games were casted by MYi | Orbit, available on his channel.

All hero icons were taken from Dota 2 Wiki.

The banner was taken from GosuGamers.net.

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