SMM Becomes Pinoy Internal Business

Pinoy teams continue to impress, leaving other countries no chance.

During yesterday’s group-stage Pinoy teams have already shown their talent by going 3-0 into their evening break. All teams from Philippines, , Pacific.Emaxx, and , went out of all games with a strong and bold written victory. While that teams from Malaysia, eSports, and Invasion have also shown their talent and fought their way into the playoff stage. Also teams from Thailand, iDeal and went alongside with the Myanmar team NeoES| into the next round.

Today was the day of truth, where every team had to show a strong performance; otherwise it would mean a step-back into the early rounds of the lower-brackets. From the start Pinoy teams were awarded for their strong performance during group-stage, as the winners were not to face each other in the first round. Only Mineski and iZone had a date on Icefrog’s map during the quarter-finals (2nd round).

Invasion Red Manager, John Lim with Mineski DotA decision-maker Natte

The winner of the day could be named Pacific.Emaxx, who stated wishfully before the tournament started, that they want to ‘bring home the Bacon’. Beating two Malaysian teams, EO and Forb City, they were to dance with amazingly good-shaped DreamZ, yet the team of JulZ failed to stand and had to find themselves in the lower-brackets.

Mineski, who have not been too active in Dota2 lately, overcame their slump and moved into the Winner-Bracket finals by beating team aG, Philippines team iZone and strong performing Invasion Red. When arriving in the Winner-Bracket finals, Mineski had to take a loss and is now waiting in the lower-bracket finals for the winner of iZone and DreamZ.

Meanwhile in the Lower-Bracket Finals we had a real fight going on, NeoES|G7 won against team Etec, but were then knocked out by Orange eSports, who attended this event with 3 subs. MUFC can call themselves Thailand-Killer, as they advanced against both iDeal and MiTH, but ended up losing against tomorrow’s Lower-Bracket Finalist DreamZ.

All other countries can now watch and enjoy Pinoy DotA at it’s best

This leaves only four teams being left in the SMM 2012 Edition and these teams are all from the Philippines, which can be as the Mecca for DotA.

Tomorrow’s matches are following;
iZone vs. DreamZ (Lower-Bracket Finals)
Mineski vs. Winner LB Finals
Pacific.Emaxx vs. Winner Consolation Finals

The Consolation and the Grand Finals will be played in Best-of-Three (Bo3).

A recap of the SMM Day by joinDOTA

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