No Upsets, Pinoy Teams on Rampage

Mineski, iZone, Pacific, Dreamz, MiTH, iDeal, MUFC, Orange, G7 advance

Today was the first day of the official and all Pinoy teams have easily advanced from the group-stage into the playoffs. , , iZone, .Emax were too strong for their Malaysian opponents; which results in thus far no Pinoy team has lost a single match.

The qualified teams from Malaysia, have been filled up with the teams from overseas, where the SMM organizers have equally put internationally teams into separated groups. Malaysian favorited teams have not disappointed the audience, , and Invasion have advance as well. For the Thai and Myanmar teams, iDeal, MiTH and NeoES|G7 it was an okay day, as all advanced and can show their skill tomorrow.

The SMM now moves into playoffs, which will be offering an Upper and Lower bracket, action is guaranteed, as the caster David Parker stated, ‘the competitive level of SMM is incredible’, these words should be marked as every year we, the audience, are being treated with an amazing show.

Tomorrow’s pairs look like following;

  • Etec-Leap vs. MiTH
  • Dreamz vs. NeoES|G7
  • Pacific.Emax vs. EO
  • Phoenix vs. Forbidden
  • Mineski vs. AG
  • iZone vs. Rzh
  • MUFC vs. Orange eSports
  • Invasion vs. iDeal

A lot of tension will be in the match Orange vs MUFC, who faced each other a day ago, where MUFC was able to secure themselves a win. The two very strong competitors, around players such as Mushi, will be giving their utmost best to come out victorious.

Make sure that you do not miss the stream tomorrow, it will be casted in a couple of languages. Mineski-Events team does take care of the Tagalog stream, while did duo up with to entertain the crowd in English.

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