Neolution E-Sport Signs G7

After signing Pacific eSports, Neolution moves forward and signs G7

After the Thai powerhouse, has announced their activity in Philippines by supporting a couple of teams from Pacific eSports, they now have moved into a new market; .

Seemingly very small and not important, Myanmar has done their homework within the last years. A lot of improvement to the scene, a lot of followers and then the creation of an underdog, who managed to be on the secret favorites list at people who analyze the scene a lot. Proof are the kind words by Malaysian superstar Mushi, who stated that is getting stronger and stronger every time they meet.

The team was founded 2009 and the team around their manager Yone Fang have dedicated their passion entirely into and now 2. The best Myanmar team takes a bigger role in Asian tournaments and since the Sponsorship of Neolution E-Sport and Technology, is now also able to gain experience on a more international stage.

Manager, Yone Fang, had following to say:

We, Team G7, are so thankful that we are able to join the Neolution E-Sport family. Mr. Satean and Neolution E-Sport will support us from this point onward and we will do our best to grow personally and improve our skills in-game. Neolution E-Sport and G7 followers will not be disappointed in our performances. Fighting!

The first appearance will be today at the Finals in Kuala Lumpur, where they are paired one of the toughest groups alongside with the Malaysian Qualifier winner MUFC. The USD 18650 total prize money tournament is one of the biggest stages in Asia to compete on.

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