Neolution’s Thai Gaming Paradise

Last time I blogged about Philippines being very advanced, this time I bring you through Thailand and into Neolution E-Sport World

Yesterday, we could witness a historical moment within the Thai gaming scene, but this should not be only remembered in , but also in the Asia as a whole. opened its doors, alongside with 475 high-end computers, and places itself on a top rank of biggest gaming cafes worldwide. Guests from every different computer genre came to bring flower bouquets and to be a part of this proud moment for .

To give you, the readers, some background information regarding the Grand Opening of World, which was a huge transformation from a pure Gaming Stadium into a bigger and better meeting point for gamers in Bangkok and surrounding suburbs. The size more and doubled, so did the computers, an attached Academy Zone, where teachers such as Malaysian super-star Mushi and Thai FPS legend Voo taught a class of students on how to improve their game and become closer to a professional career in gaming. When the Blizzard crew, around their CEO, Mike Morhaime came, they had nothing less to say than ‘I can totally understand why gamers come to this place and enjoy their free time here’.

This statement from such a godfather in gaming means a lot to us, Neolution E-Sport, as we now have to get used to the fact that we not a small insect within the gaming world anymore.

Executive Party

Neolution E-Sport CEO, Neolution Tech CEO, NVIDIA Thailand, Neolution Group President

To come back to my personal day, which started as awful as it could. I woke up very early to get ready and prepare the speech I had to hold, going through the guest-list in my mind and trying to get my mindset focused. Then I started to feel this awful pain in my back, which forced me to lie down and made it nearly impossible to put on my shirt, as I could not even lift my right arm. After some bad thoughts running through my mind, I made a quick call to my ‘office and secretary’ in the states and started to ignore the pain. My only thought was: The Show Must Go On!

So, when entering the stadium, we had a lot of nice fish-roles, sushi and all kinds of Japanese dishes ready for our distinguished guests, who also were coming from the politician level, as former Deputy Prime Minister Korn Dabbaransi was the one to open gamer’s heaven for good. While the emcee and television star Jac walked the audience through the evening, we had him equipped with a couple of pretty ladies to ensure ourselves some nice eye-candy for our audience, which is typically mostly male.

Remember, the back-pain? It was totally vanished during the event I was lifting people in good-old manner and had a lot of heavy flowers in my hands, so it actually works, just forget about the pain and walk through the day.

Neolution Technology, E-Sport and Emcee

Neolution Tech Sales Manager (Mew), Mat and the MC and IT Guru and TV Star Jak

I have to mention Mr. Satean, who is doing an amazing job behind the scenes and putting all his strength and energy into this very project, everyone seeing this should know that he is one of the major forces behind all this. Thank you to everyone helping us to become so big and we will do our best to become even bigger and better for the future.

As a resume for my and to everyone who is not aware of the Thai gaming scene, I would like to say that Gaming in Thailand is already huge, the potential to grow is immense and the support is stunning. Thailand Gaming? Rocks!

  • Neolution E-Sport World Group Picture
  • Neolution Technology, Emcee Jac and Mat Posing for the Cam
  • Razer Thailand and Singapore brought flowers
  • The Presidents son is starting to play games
  • MiTH and Neolution E-Sport are friends
  • Photographers and Press are Attending
  • Neolution E-Sport World Stage
  • Satean gets more flowers
  • Mat posing with his new favorite Celeb
  • Compgamer and Compgamer Magazine Attended
  • Streaming Room by ELG
  • Gaming Executive Party
  • View on the Neolution E-Sport World Upper Level
  • TeSL Executive Nara
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