Khaldor: ‘GOM house was a place for casters as well as the players.’

GOM house project is shutting at the end of the year.

The house in South is shutting down at the end of this year, has released a short video to crush rumors on the reason and to thank for giving the opportunity for foreigners to come and train within Korea. Khaldor has been staying at the house for one year so will be sad to see the house go, but understands the reasoning behind not renewing the lease on the property.

More than twenty people have taken advantage of the house since Khaldor has been there and created an opportunity for Starcraft II players and casters to dip their feet into the lucrative market that is professional eSports within .

With players such as , , and staying at the property over different times, some serious training was done and the opportunity to face different strategies and arguably a higher skill level in Korea would have aided game play. Khaldor goes on to add however that some players did not take the opportunity too seriously and saw it more as a vacation. GOM left the players to organize themselves and perhaps the lack of structure backfired and meant some gamers did not make the results GOM had expected.

Khaldor is planning to carry on his Korean adventure and will be looking to rent his own apartment and pursue his casting career, however he states that GOM are an organization who would work on results, and at the end of the day the return on investment was not worth carrying on with the project.

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