ELGEE: ‘We don’t consider ourselves really skilled individual players’

Pinoy Gaming Festival's Champion and WCG Representative of Philippines talking

Today we have got Mars ‘’ Gaboy in front of our virtual microphone. We have asked him a couple of questions regarding the , where his team MSI Evolution GT has taken the first place in the Philippines National Qualifier. Now they will represent the country in the competition held in Kushan, China at the end of this month.

Please introduce yourself and your team to the audience. We would like to know why you are so good.
Hi There, I am Jupiter Mars L. Gaboy, but I am better known by my nickname, ELGEE. I am the captain of MSI Evolution Gaming Team for CrossFire, a super hardcore gamer and I do web development during my free time.

My team is composed of Dale Duque aka DHALE, Royce Omaga aka rpge, Judan Cruz aka Kart, and James Doron aka Nasmi. Actually Kart and I started the team way back in 2010 when i left my previous team, and then we took royce from another top team called laqs, Nasmi from nice try team and dale from another top team called saintz.

We don’t consider ourselves really skilled individual players, it’s just that our playing styles really mesh with each other, that’s why i think we are considered as a good team

How satisfied are you after the win of the Pinoy Gaming Festival? How do you think the tournament went, could you give us a little recap?
We are very pleased that we were able to bag the championship at the Pinoy Gaming Festival. There were a lot of problems with the team, conflict of schedules with practice hours, but I am happy we are able to still get the win on the biggest electronic sports event here in the Philippines. The Finals of CrossFire featured 8 Teams coming from different regions, from cebu and davao, and we are very happy that we are able to defeat the 2012 Philippine CrossFire Champions – Team LOKO. All the teams gave us a hard time, but we are very happy that we came up with the wins.

You mentioned schedule issues for practice. So, please tell us your daily motivation on playing games and improving your skills? Where do you usually practice? Are you always playing as a team or mostly on solo engagements, but then coming to events you practice more together.
It’s very hard for us to practice together since we live in areas far away from each other. We have scheduled practices everyday but sometimes, we have to focus on different stuff, so that some players are not able to show up, but the good thing is if one cannot make it, he usually informs us as early as possible, so that we either find a replacement or postpone our practices. We just practice online, and during weekends we meet together to play in a LAN cafe, where we play against other teams. We usually play as a team, but when I’m free, I play by myself just to improve my aim and reflexes.

Of course, we would like to send you our congratulations on the WCG Philippines Championship at the Pinoy Gaming Festvial. What can the Pinoy gaming fans expect from your team in at the WCG Grand Finals?
We will surely do our best this year and whatever happens happens. Yet I am sure, that the Pinoy CrossFire supporters will be positively surprised.

Crossfire is pretty similar to Counter-Strike, is there any chance of you moving out of this game and moving into a different FPS Game?
since cs-go is slowly gaining popularity here in the Philippines, we are thinking of switching over to cs-go. we will see next year what the developments for the fps tournaments and we will decide. but this year, we are focused in crossfire.

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