GEST – Natural 9, Zenith, MUFC and Orange through Group Stage

Quarter final information and schedule, casted by LD and Godz

The quarter finals of the competition are due to take place this week, the first game is today and sees the Australian team take on the Philippine side , who can win and take a step closer to the title, watch live now on BattleAsia.

All of the other quarter final games will be played tomorrow with the semi finals to start the day after. This tournament gives the winner a $1,500 prize and chance to win further prize money with matches versus .

Full Schedule;

Natural 9 vs Duskbin 12/11/12 18:00 SGT

Zenith vs Armageddon 13/11/12 18:00 SGT

vs First Departure 13/11/12 21:00 SGT

vs 13/11/12 21:00 SGT

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