Focus on CS:GO : SEA with lots of tournaments coming up

First quarter of gaming goodness courtesy of Counterstrike this 2013

With how took the Asian Pro gaming scene by storm, things have started to look good for FPS fans.

hosts Qualifier for Asian CyberGames in CS:GO.

Though one of the youngest and newest addition to ’s  roster, Global Offensive will be carrying the same Tournament system like the other games within the aforementioned league. Class S – Class A System will be used to determine matches between teams. Class A  is where newbloods start out and shoot it out with other teams of the same Class. Whoever comes out on top will move up to Class S and gets a shot for the crown. The Class S bouts will have a Play Up – Play Down Match. Wherein winners will go to the upper bracket for Top 8, and the losers will go to the lower bracket. The Overall winner will become the Philippines’ Representative for this years’ Asian Cyber Games. LINK

Sign ups open for the Malay Beat it Game Challenge

Are you the fastest sniper? MSI and E-Club host  “MSI Beat it Game Challenge. You think you got the fastest trigger finger? A  challenge to gamers who can prove who’s the quickest shot. Join Here (Malaysia Only)

Ipro Counter-Strike 1.6 Tournament

Ipro Cafe went back to the roots with a week long Ipro Counter-Strike 1.6 Tournament. Blast from the past, as CS 1.6 comes to this March 7th.  A 3 – day event where the top 8 teams to emerge will duke it out on the last quarter of the month in the Airport Mall. LINK

Singapore, SGAMBER CS:GO Tournament goes hot within 2 weeks

Another reason to to get hyped about global offensive. As this tourney will be one of the earliest to be launched to spice up 2013. Comprising of 16 teams in a single eliminations. Stay tuned to E-club Malaysia for Rules and Registration Procedures. LINK

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