6 Questions to Wootz

In our 3rd Edition of '6 Questions' we give you DotA Champion: Wootz!

In the last weeks have published a couple of articles where we ask gaming personalities . This week and right before the SMM is about to start, we have caught up with with one of the most respected people in the Allstars scene, James Kenneth Valdez Inabangan, much better known as . He is one of the very popular faces within and one of the gamers who have brought Pinoy gaming to the next level. The 22 year old has a very creative plays-style and a lot of followers throughout the entire globe. From his step into , Wootz has never changed team and has won several titles, such as Best Captain and Support of the Year, both titles were voted by the community.

Going to SMM now, representing the Philippines and Mineski, how do you feel about such honor, where so many people follow your results and cheer for you to do well?
I am so glad that I am able to represent both, Mineski and my country the Philippines. We did not expect to be going to SMM, because our performance lately was a not that good. Now, we are here in Kuala Lumpur and will of course give our best, for our team, for our country and for our fans and friends.

In the past months, there have been some noises around your team. Ronald Robins, your CEO has then fired JulZ out of the team to strengthen it again. How come the results are not too good these days? What do you do to bring Mineski on the winning road again?
I am really sad for that, but we cannot change the decision as it was one from the top management. We just have to go out there and do our best to practice hard again. It would be good to win some important matches in a row, so that our confidence level is back to normal, as it gives us the boost we need in those thriller matches.

Mushi and Wootz are friends

Did you ever think about leaving Mineski? Or is Mineski adrenaline running through your veines, that you will stay until the very last end?
I am not thinking about it at all!

Thinking about the future, what can the fans, followers and your management expect from you?
I want to ask our fans to believe and trust us, we are just walking through some hard and rough times, but be patient, we will be back sooner or later. You will not be disappointed for sure.

After we already thought about the future, let’s walk a little on memory lane, what is your most important title and game.
Our first Championship in TGX was for sure the most memorable one for me, as it was one of the happiest moments in my life. When we came home to Philippines, I saw our supporters waiting for us like we were heroes. When I think about this moment, I still can’t believe it and it gives me actual goose-bumps.

Just a normal day for Wootz and his team

It seems that live or stage matches do not affect you at all, can you please describe your first stage game and how you felt during that.
I remember our first stage match was during the The International 1 (TI1), I was so excited and super nervous. That time I was thinking of what would happen if I would do some mistakes. I thought that I might have to walk down the stage very embarrassed because of sooo many people watching our games. haha

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